Web Design: Mobile Friendly Websites for Business.

Web Design by expert Web Developers, Webmasters, and SEO Content writers for making mobile-friendly websites for Business. We create worthy websites.

Web Design by AOS eService.

AOS the best website designing company serves for the development of Small Businesses, Corporate Companies and manufacturing industries including startups.

AOS eService has a team of Web Developers and Webmasters who are experts in website designing and web management. We used to design websites for Individuals, Small Scale Industries, and corporations with a motto of Business Development through Websites.

Website Design rules have several important parameters for a successful Business Website.  We shall classify the types of websites as below.

★ Basic Websites

Basic websites are designed for very low prices.  It shall be without search engine optimization and social media marketing. It can help you to address yourself online. The basic website can have one or two emails added to it. You may need to promote that website on your own.

★ Dynamic Websites

This helps to generate many numbers of pages with user management. So this is suitable for small-sized businesses or Industries. This shall be designed with search engines and social media for optimization and promotion. Dynamic Websites can be designed with multiple email accounts.  Some content management systems like WordPress can also help with this.

★ ECommerce Websites and Web Design

You shall sell your products or services and collect the cost of the products by e-commerce portals. So to create an online store where your users can buy your products and services,  you need to create dynamic websites. That is a separate online store with a dynamic website will help your business to grow. Here the role of web design needs regular updates and a webmaster has to monitor everything daily.

★ Mobile Apps

Recent trends are Android and Apple Mobiles. Users are accessing websites without a laptop or PC. In general, all the websites that we generate are mobile-friendly. But if you like to provide your users with a touch level of comfort, then you should also generate mobile apps for your website. Promotion of mobile apps is as same as website promotion.

How does a web design and website work?

Every website has a domain name which is the address of your website. Registering a domain name with a reputable domain registrar is crucial when it comes to establishing an online presence. By doing so, you can secure a unique web address that reflects your brand and helps your website stand out from the competition. Don’t underestimate the importance of a domain name – it can make all the difference in attracting and retaining visitors to your site.

Once you have registered your domain, you will connect that name server address to the web hosting server.  When users type in your website address on their browser, it will be connected to the hosting server. The hosting server is where your website files are stored and from where they are delivered to the user’s screen. Therefore, to run a website, you need a domain name and a hosting server.

★ Domain Name registration:

For the right reach of clients around the nation and the world, the domain name (website name) should be the best selection which should be easy to understand and easily reachable. We are experts in choosing the right domain name for your Business. So you need not worry about domain names.

★ Hosting Server:

Several hosting companies provide both the best and worst services. So choosing the right hosting company and right servers for your website is most important.  Because the only best way to run our websites is the 99% server uptime and visibility of the website without any hitch. We do deal with the best hosting servers. So when you order and design websites with us it is 100% guaranteed for visibility.

★ File management in Web Design:

The files like HTML, PHP, JAVA, and CSS, which are designed by web developers will be uploaded to the server. Whenever a user types your website address and navigates through pages, these files will be displayed on the screen. Because it brings up the data to the screen from the database server. There are several types of databases, and MySQL is a famous one in it.  So backup and maintenance of files and databases are most important for every modification undertaken inside the server.  A webmaster and web development expert will care about this as a routine.

★ Content Management:

We used to write text content through our content experts with proper grammar. But when we add media to the website, you may need to use your images, logo, photos audio and videos. Because every content available online may have copyrights. So you need to use such media which has your copyrights. Usage of the content of other websites or usage of media properties of others may lead you to litigate with the Copyrights Act.

Here the Web design expert’s role is paramount to scale, to design, and to judge everything for perfection.

★ Note: For every year (12 Months) You need to renew your domain name and Server account to run your website. Always renew your domain and server packages before the 30-day expiry date. So that your website rank will retain the same position in search engines. If we fail to renew or if we renew after the expiry period, the page rank may go down in search engines.

This information is just for non-technical person vision to understand how a website works.

Perfection is important for web design:

Web Design has several methods. Recent developments in website designing are Responsive Website design (Mobile-Friendly) and Mobile Apps. We provide attention in perfect Web Design as follows.

★ There are several styles for decorating and designing a website. We follow HTML5, CSS, PHP, and JAVA and bootstrap technology. MYSQL for Data Management of your website is best if it is dynamic. Day-to-day technology in the web design sector varies and gets updated.

★ Layout generation has an important role in the appearance of a website. So we generate right from HTML 4 to recent HTML layouts with beautiful styling with optimized CSS. This results in lightweight websites which helps to improve the speed of websites.

How do we do Website Creation?

★ Our page generations and links are with search engine readable technology. Our expert content writers write perfect real content without duplicacy.  The website’s content must be relevant to your business with the right content analysis and research. We cannot depend on AI technology due to its storytelling nature and artificial development. So we design with text content simply by writing with the stuff you gave and we optimize it for a search engine-friendly nature and to target the audience for your business.

★ We use advanced media tools to reduce the weight of the images, audio and video files. file formats are going on improving. We convert images to WebP file formats and lazy loading technology to present the content before images are loaded. Because it shall help the website to load faster even with a poor data connection.

★ Search engine optimization (SEO) which is a method of coding that shall be helpful to your online presence. Though we pay importance to organic search engine optimization, Social media marketing is unavoidable due to the growth of the high volume of domains in the world to compete with the competitors.

★ Social media Marketing plays an important role in gaining visitors to your website. You may need to allocate separate efforts for marketing your website through Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and several other social media.

★ Note: Deciding the layout (appearance of the website) is most important and if you want to change the appearance, you need to redesign the whole or part of the website, which may incur additional job and cost. If you want your website to truly stand out from the rest, then it’s important to strive for perfection in every aspect of its design.