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AOS has expert team of Web Developers and Webmasters for making mobile friendly website designing and web management for Small business, companies, and industries.


Website Types and Web Managment

Website Types and Web Managment

AOS eService has a team of Web Developers and Webmasters who are experts in website designing and web management. We use to design websites for Individuals, Small Scale Industries, Corporate with a moto of Business Development through Websites.

Website Designing has several important parameters for successful business ventures. Some of them are explained here for a simple understanding.

★ Basic Websites - A simple 5 pages website shall be designed with a minimum cost with or without search engine optimization and social media marketing. It can help you to address yourself online. one or two emails can be maintained with this basic websites.

★ Dynamic Websites - This helps to generate many numbers of pages with user management. This is suitable for small size industries and business which shall be designed with search engine optimization and with social media promotion. Unlimited email accounts shall be generated with Dynamic Websites.

★ ECommerce Websites - If you like to have an online store where your users shall buy your products and services, then you shall create such website with dynamic website facilities. That is a separate online store with the dynamic website will help your business to grow.

★ Mobile Apps - Recent trends are Android and Apple Mobiles, Where users are accessing websites without laptop or pc. In general, all the websites which we generate are mobile friendly. But if you like to provide your user to touch level comfort, then you shall also generate mobile apps for your website. Promotion of mobile apps is as same as website promotion.

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How a website works?

How a website works?

Every website has a domain name which is the address of your website. When someone types your website address in the browser, it uses to get connected with the server (hosting server) where your website files stay. Designing is the decoration of a web page. But to run a web address you need domain name and hosting server.

★ Domain Name registration: For the right reach of clients around the nation and the world, the domain name (website name) should be the best selection which should be easy to understand and easy reachable. We are experts in choosing the right domain name for your Business.

★ Hosting Server: There are several hosting companies which provide both best and worst services. Choosing the right hosting company and right servers are the best way to run out our online portals which can result in 99% uptime without any hitch. We are with best hosting servers.

★ File management: The files like HTML, PHP, JAVA, CSS which is designed by webmasters and web developers will be uploaded to server and whenever a user type your website address and navigate through pages, these files will be displayed On the screen or it may bring up the data to the screen from the server. So backup and maintenance are most important for every modification we undertake inside the server which is linked to your domain address.

★ Content Managment: In general we use to write our own content through our content experts. But when it comes to media to be added to the website, you may need to use your own images, logo, photos and audio and video which has your own copyrights. Usage of the content of other websites or usage of media properties of others may lead you to litigate with Copyrights Act.

★ Note: For every year (12 Months) You need to renew your domain name and Server account to run your website.

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Website Designing?

Website Designing ?

Web Design has several methods. Recent developments in website designing are Responsive Website Designing (Mobile Friendly) We provide attention in perfect Web Design as follows.

★ There are several styles in decorating a website. We follow HTML5, CSS, PHP, and JAVA. We follow bootstrap technology. We use MYSQL for Data Management of your website if it is dynamic.

★ Layout generation has an important role in the appearance of a website. We used to generate right from HTML 4 to recent HTML 5 layouts with beautiful styling with optimized CSS which results in lightweight websites.

★ Our page generations and links are with search engine readable technology. Our expert content writers write perfect real content without any duplicacy and with relevant to your business with right content analysis and research.

★ We use advanced media tools to lower the weight of the images, audio and video files, which may help the website to load faster even in poor data connection.

★ Search engine optimization (SEO) which is a method of coding which shall be helpful to your online presence. Though we pay importance to organic search engine optimization, Social media marketing is unavoidable due to the growth of the high volume of domains in the world to compete with the competitors.

★ Social media Marketing plays the important role to gain visitors to your website. You may need to allocate separate efforts for marketing your website through Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and several other social media.

★ Note: Deciding the layout (appearance of the website) is most important and if you want to change the appearance, you need to redesign the whole or part of the website, which may acquire the additional job.

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